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Gamma ray Celebrate 25th Anniversary With two Reissued Classic Albums: Land Of The Free & Alive’95

1 August 2017 Music News Recommends


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Gamma Ray Celebrate 25th Anniversary With two Reissued Classic Albums:

Land Of The Free & Alive’95 Released 29th September


More than 25 years of Gamma Ray – it’s been a wild ride for Germany’s power metal institution GammaRay. On 29 September 2017 “Land Of The Free” the band’s fourth album, and “Alive ’95”, their first live album, will be reissued as 2CD sets – each featuring a bonus disc – by earMUSIC as premium-quality digipaks including newly designed cover artwork.

Led by Kai Hansen, one of the most loved metal icons of the last 30 years, Gamma Ray has influenced and shaped the genre since 25 years. Simply put, year after year they became – and stayed – one of the most solid flagships in power metal and are still its undisputed kings.

“Land Of The Free” was released in 1995 and was the first album on which Kai Hansen took over the lead vocals. His unique powerful voice along with the atmosphere of hope and optimism and these fast and furious speeding riffs made sure to attract attention. This reissue comes in a high quality digipak and fan rarities on the bonus CD – Including previously unreleased instrumentals, live in studio recordings, pre-production versions….

CD1 – original studio album. Remastered in 2017 by Eike Frees
1. Rebellion In Dreamland / 2. Man On A Mission / 3. Fairytale / 4. All Of The Damned / 5. Rising Of The Damned / 6. Gods Of Deliverance / 7. Farewell / 8. Salvation’s Calling / 9. Land Of The Free / 10. The Saviour / 11. Abyss Of The Void / 12. Time To Break Free / 13. Afterlife

CD2 – bonus
1. Heavy Metal Mania (Holocaust Cover) / 2. As Time Goes By (Pre-Production Version) / 3. The Silence ’95 / 4. Dream Healer (Instrumental – Live At Chameleon Studios 2017) / 5. Tribute To The Past (Instrumental – Live At Chameleon Studios 2017) / 6. Heaven Can Wait (Instrumental – Live At Chameleon Studios 2016) / 7. Valley Of The King (Instrumental – Live At Chameleon Studios 2016)

“Alive ’95” was the first live album by Gamma Ray. It was released on May 1996, following the live concerts in Milan, Paris,Madrid, Pamplona and Erlangen, during the band’s “Men on a Tour” European tour. This 2CD premium-quality digipak includes such classics as “Man on a Mission” and “Rebellion in Dreamland” as well as two classic Helloween tracks composed by Kai Hansen himself. This 2017 anniversary re-release of Alive ’95 contains a bonus CD including material recorded with Ralf Scheepers in 1993 who provides an impressive evidence of his insane vocal range on tracks like “Future Madhouse”, “Insanity and Genius” and “Heading for Tomorrow”.

Tracklist CD1 – Recorded in Milan, Paris, Madrid, Pamplona & Erlangen. Remastered in 2017 by Eike Freese.
1. Land Of The Free / 2. Man On A Mission / 3. Rebellion In Dreamland / 4. Space Eater / 5. Fairytale / 6. Tribute To The Past / 7. Heal Me / 8.The Saviour / 9. Abyss Of The Void / 10. Ride The Sky (Helloween cover) / 11. Future World (Helloween cover) / 12. Heavy Metal Mania (Holocaust Cover) / 13.Lust for Life (Non-European Bonus)

Tracklist CD2 – bonus
No Return / 2. Changes / 3. Insanity And Genius / 4. Last Before The Storm / 5. Future Madhouse / 6. Heading For Tomorrow

These special remastered reissues are a great way to celebrate a quarter of a century of great music from a great band.


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