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Glass Hammer Keyboardist Fred Schendel Releases Very Limited Edition Solo Album On Kickstarter

6 July 2017 Music News Recommends


Glass Hammer Keyboardist Fred Schendel Releases Very Limited Edition Solo Album On Kickstarter
Quid Pro Quo

 Fred Schendel  is the multi-instrumentalist, composer and co-producer of the band Glass Hammer. he Is  about to start on his first solo project since 2009’s Do Not See Me Rabbit.  Part of his motivation for starting this project now is that he has incurred some unavoidable debts, and the best way  to get out of that situation is  make music.  And since he is asking fans for help to make this a reality, Fred had to figure out how to really make something worthwhile to reward you.  Thus, the project got its name:  Quid Pro Quo.

His inspiration to make this a unique and beautiful project was to enlist the help of two special people: Rachel Beckmann and Michelle Young.  Fans of Glass Hammer may know them as cellist and singer, respectively, but they are also artists.  Michelle paints and works in many disciplines and mediums and Rachel is an outstanding custom bookbinder.  Fred wants to utilise their talents to make a package unlike anything in a prog rocker’s collection.

Essentially, Quid Pro Quo will be encased in a leather bound custom book, each and every one hand made, hand accented, and hand painted. The only elements of the package to be mass-produced in any way will be the booklet bound into the package and the physical compact disk itself.  Every copy will be unique, with an original version of the cover painting done directly on the cover by Michelle, who is also designing some lithographs for the interior of the case, and involved in the general design and titles.  The title will be laser cut into the leather, there will be hand lettering and other metallic accents, all applied by hand.  All three of the musicians will sign, number and personalise your copy for you.  Because of the enormous (and trust me, this is ENORMOUS) undertaking there will be just  200 copies and NO MORE.  Fred will never offer this music in any other format.  It will not be made available for promotional purposes  or review.  The people that back this project will receive it and no others.  Ever.

OK, so what about the music?  This IS a music project at the heart…  People can be assured that  if you enjoyed the latest Glass Hammer release then you will enjoy this.  Expect solid symphonic prog, with vocals (mostly Fred Schendel probably, but with some guests) with a focus on melody but also complexity and intricacy.  Fred is  expanding the boundaries of what he  does with  Glass Hammer.

More updates will be forthcoming as  the project takes shape

Speaking of updates, expect many.  There will be videos of the writing/recording process and also  video footage  that will document the creation and production of the books.

This project is a bit different from a typical music crowdfunding campaign.  There  will not be different levels of perks, no “cheap” version of this to offer.  The deluxe version of the CD isn’t just an upgraded version of the album, it IS the album  The price is necessarily high, but the result will speak for itself.  In addition  there are two very special rewards that you can learn about in the rewards section.

More details are here:



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