Grand Funk Railroad Release TRUNK OF FUNK VOLS 1 & 2 8TH SEPTEMBER 2017

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 Released  8TH SEPTEMBER 2017


There have been many Grand Funk Railroad compilations released over the years but these two sets put the albums in the well named Trunk of Funk and releases them in two bite sized chunks

 For Grand Funk fans looking to replace their vinyl with remastered CDs, these two Trunk of Funk boxes are a good way to start. Included are the group’s first four albums — their 1969 debut, On Time, and their 1970 trio of releases; Grand Funk, Closer to Home, and Live Album — plus previously unreleased tracks. The original Dave Tedds masters have been used and each box has an essay by Malcolm Dome as well as original album credits.(See below for full tracklisting)    

 Extremely popular during the 1970s, American rock band Grand Funk Railroad, sometimes known as Grand Funk, toured extensively and played to packed arenas worldwide. David Fricke of Rolling Stone magazine once said, “You cannot talk about rock in the 1970s without talking about Grand Funk Railroad!”

 Although Grand Funk was to enjoy their biggest commercial success a few years down the line (1973’s We’re an American Band), it’s the group’s early era that is often considered its peak by the headbanging crowd. And it’s easy to understand why after hearing the Black Sabbath-esqueSin’s a Good Man’s Brother, the turbo-charged Are You Ready, and the drum solo showcase T.N.U.C.








DISC ONE – On Time

  1. Are You Ready                                 
  2. Anybody’s Answer                         
  3. Time Machine                                   
  4. High On A Horse                              
  5. T.N.U.C.                                              
  6. Into The Sun                                     
  7. Heartbreaker                                     
  8. Call Yourself A Man                        
  9. Can’t Be Too Long                           
  10. Ups And Downs                                               


  1. High On A Horse (Original Version)
  2. Heartbreaker (Original Version)


DISC TWO – Grand Funk

  1. Got This Thing On The Move      
  2. Please Don’t Worry                        
  3. High Falootin’ Woman                   
  4. Mr. Limousine Driver                     
  5. In Need                                               
  6. Winter And My Soul                      
  7. Paranoid                                            
  8. Inside Looking Out                         


  1. Nothing Is The Same (Demo)
  2. Mr. Limousine Driver (Extended Version)


DISC THREE – Live Album

  1. Introduction                                      
  2. Are You Ready                                  
  3. Paranoid                                             
  4. In Need                                               
  5. Heartbreaker                                    
  6. Words Of Wisdom                           
  7. Mean Mistreater                            
  8. Mark Say’s Alright                           
  9. T.N.U.C.                                              
  10. Inside Looking Out                          
  11. Into The Sun                                     


DISC FOUR – Closer To Home

  1. Sin’s A Good Man’s Brother                        
  2. Aimess Lady                                                      
  3. Nothing Is The Same                                     
  4. Mean Mistreater                                            
  5. Get It Together                                                                
  6. I Don’t Have To Sing The Blues                  
  7. Hooked On Love                                             
  8. I’m Your Captain                                              


  1. Mean Mistreater (Alternate Mix)
  2. In Need (Live)
  3. Heartbreaker (Live)
  4. Mean Mistreater (Live)


DISC FIVE – E Pluribus Funk

  1. Footstompin’ Music                                       
  2. People, Let’s Stop The War                        
  3. Upsetter                                                              
  4. I Come Tumblin’                                              
  5. Save The Land                                                  
  6. No Lies                                                                 
  7. Loneliness


  1. I’m Your Captain (Closer To Home)
  2. Hooked On Love (Live)
  3. Get It Together  (Live)
  4. Mark Says Alright (Live)


DISC SIX – Survival

  1. Country Road                                       
  2. All You’ve Got Is Money                               
  3. Comfort Me                                                       
  4. Feelin’ Allright                                                  
  5. I Want Freedom                                             
  6. I Can Feel Him In The Morning                  
  7. Gimme Shelter                                                             


  1. I Can’t Get Along With Society (2002 Remix)
  2. Jam (Footstompin’ Music)
  3. Country Road  (Unedited Original Version)
  4. All You’ve Got Is Money (Unedited Original Version)
  5. Feelin’ Alright (Unedited Original Version)







DISC ONE – Phoenix         

  1. Flight Of The Phoenix                                   
  2. Trying To Get Away                                         
  3. Someone                                                          
  4. She Got To Move Me                                    
  5. Rain Keeps Fallin’                                            
  6. I Just Gotta Know                                            
  7. So You Won’t Have To Die                           
  8. Freedom Is For Children                             
  9. Gotta Find Me A Better Day                       
  10. Rock ‘N Roll Soul                                              

BONUS TRACKS               

  1. Flight Of The Phoenix (2002 Remix With Extended Ending)


DISC TWO – We’re An American Band          

  1. We’re An American Band                             
  2. Stop Lookin’ Back                                            
  3. Creepin’                                                              
  4. Black Licorice                                                     
  5. The Railroad                                                      
  6. Ain’t Got Nobody                                            
  7. Walk Like A Man                                              
  8. Loneliest Rider                                                 

BONUS TRACKS               

  1. Hooray
  2. The End                
  3. Stop Lookin’ Back (Acoustic Mix)
  4. We’re An American Band (2002 Remix)


DISC THREE – All The Girls In The World Beware       

  1. Responsibility                                                    
  2. Runnin’                                                                
  3. Life                                                                        
  4. Look At Granny Run Run                              
  5. Memories                                                          
  6. All The Girls In The World Beware            
  7. Wild                                                                      
  8. Good & Evil                                                        
  9. Bad Time                                                            
  10. Some Kind Of Wonderful                            


DISC FOUR – Shinin’ On        

  1. Shinin’ On                                                            
  2. To Get Back In                                                  
  3. The Loco-Motion                                            
  4. Carry Me Through                                          
  5. Please Me                                                          
  6. Mr. Pretty Boy                                                 
  7. Gettin’ Over You                                              
  8. Little Johnny Hooker                                     

BONUS TRACKS               

  1. Destitute And Losin’      
  2. Shinin’ On (2002 Remix)


DISC FIVE – Caught In The Act           

  1. Foot Stompin’ Music                                                      
  2. Rock & Roll Soul                                                               
  3. Closer To Home                                                               
  4. Heartbreaker                                                                    
  5. Some Kind Of Wonderful                                             
  6. Shinin’ On                                                                         
  7. The Loco-Motion                                                            
  8. Black Licorice                                                                      
  9. The Railroad                                                                      
  10. T.N.U.C.                                                                                               
  11. Inside Looking Out                                                         
  12. Gimme Shelter                                                                


DISC SIX – Born To Die              

  1. Born To Die                                                                        
  2. Dues                                                                                     
  3. Sally                                                                                       
  4. I Fell For Your Love                                                         
  5. Talk To The People                                                         
  6. Take Me                                                                             
  7. Genevieve                                                                          
  8. Love Is Dyin’                                                                      
  9. Politician                                                                             
  10. Good Things                                                                       

BONUS TRACKS               

  1. Bare Naked Women (Live Rehearsal)
  2. Genevieve (Live Rehearsal)                                                  



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