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Jon Kirkman

Last Night I Saved A DJ’s Life

20 August 2017 Radio


Many of you know me through my work on radio and with various rock bands.

Unfortunately I find myself in a position that I never thought I would find myself in and that is reduced circumstances and being imminently homeless.

Due to a breakdown and the end of my personal relationship I am having to leave my home of 11 years. Unfortunately this has coincided with a couple of problems financially which means I am about to be made homeless. This means I will be out on the streets unless I can find somewhere to live. I have to remove all my things from my current address within the next 7-10 days. At present I have nowhere to go and nowhere to put my stuff and there is not much of that after living with someone for 11 years. The end of the relationship has given me no time to plan or get anything remotely feasible in order for me to start even on a basic level anywhere else in terms of renting somewhere and  getting some furniture.

The stress has been unbearable and despite me trying everything I can I have drawn a blank. There is no family I can call on and whilst a few friends have offered me a room I have no money for rent or food once my limited funds run out and that will be the end of next week if I am lucky.

I was admitted to the hospital last week where they thought I had had a stroke. Thankfully, that was not the case and after extensive tests and a CT scan and blood tests and ECG etc I was given a clear bill of health save for my mental well-being which was not ok. Basically, due to the stress and depression I had a major breakdown and as such I am under the doctors who are  treating me with anti depressants and I am awaiting an appointment with a psychiatrist. I am currently finding it hard to function on any real level and my concentration is shot. I have been signed off by the doctor for a month and have to return to them then and have been told I will be signed off for a further month then as my condition is long term and not easily sorted overnight.

I am being put under immense pressure to get out of my current home. They are not fussed where I go or how I do it. They want to move on. Understandable in a way, but for me I  just cannot get out of a home I have lived in for 11 years without planning, no matter how much I want to get out (and believe me I do) and right now I am not being given the chance to plan anything hence the urgency of my situation.

Now whilst I would never hope to find myself in this position, unfortunately that is the fact of the matter. Many people have offered to help me with donations and have asked how they can; well here are the details.

You can donate directly to my paypal account here    https://www.paypal.com/myaccount/home
My paypal address to send me money is here
Donate the money as you were a friend or family member


You could sign up to my Classic Rock Vaults website here.

As a thanks for your donation I will give you a Year long premium subscription to the website, which gives you access to hundreds of interviews I have conducted over my many years in the music industry.

If I was not so desperate I would never consider doing this but the facts are desperate and I am in dire need.

If you can help me I would be extremely grateful and you will literally be saving my life.

So there it is those are the facts and this is the situation. If you could help me then please do and please spread the word. if all my friends on facebook donated then it would help me a great deal.

Many Thanks,


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