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Music Review: Burnt Belief – Emergent (2016)

15 March 2017 Recommends

ClassicRockRadio.co.uk Music Review
Spotlight: Burnt Belief – Emergent (2016 Alchemy Records)
By: Gary “Uncle G” Brown
Twitter @GBrown0816


People by now know I seriously dig instrumental music. Could be rock, classical, jazz, or the score from a movie/tv program. I sometimes whistle parts of these songs without words while walking down the street, here in good old Fort Collins Colorado. Sometimes something old; The Champs – Tequila.  The title name is shouted, but it’s still at least 98 percent instrumental. Or if fresh in my mind, sometimes a song I just heard or been turned on to.  Either way, catchy, and most times including a melody one can’t help but remember.

Full disclosure, the college town in which I recently made my new home, is not where I obtained the CD in which I am writing about; Burnt Belief – Emergent.

Uncle G’s StoryTime

Burnt Belief’s newest studio effort entitled ‘Emergent’, I received via snail mail, while in the state of Pennsylvania, towards the end of last summer (2016). After deciding that I liked it enough to make it a writing assignment, I planned on being done and published, towards the end of September. But shit happened, and the tail end of August and the entire month of September ended up being ‘crazy busy’. An opportunity arose and I jumped on a Greyhound bus in Wilkes-Barre heading west to the great state of Colorado. I officially relocated to America’s 38th State, six months ago.

For those who desire more personal details, I’m middle aged still, and am now, two times divorced. The second time happened just a few weeks back (13 Feb). Was on a Monday. Over the phone, I acted as my own lawyer. The judge’s verdict was in my opinion, what each party deserved. Get this, was one day shy of being married 22 years. Separated since the end of November (2015). Was a good run except for those last few years.

This recent divorce has wrecked havoc on my writing. Seven months have passed since I was sent what was then, the NEW Burnt Belief – Emergent CD. And it isn’t like I didn’t open, nor play it. Heard it over 50 times by now. No shit! Was one of the very few music discs that I brought with me on my trek three quarters across the USA. Resulted in acting like a soundtrack to what was going on in my personal life. Oh, and in the process, ended up one of my all time favorite instrumentals. Circumstances, how could it not? I would mention Emergent by Burnt Belief in the same breath as Jeff Beck’s Blow By Blow (1972). Matter of fact, I just did. I have loved that album for decades now. Spin it at least a few times a year, either for my own listening enjoyment or while with friends. A custom I will continue/repeat with this ‘Burnt Belief – Emergent’, recording.

Burnt Belief (the band)

Colin Edwin: Basses/Programming_Jon Durant: Guitars/Pianos_Vinny Sabatino: Drums/Programming

Uncle G rates … Burnt Belief – Emergent (2016 Alchemy Records)

Using the same ‘star’ rating scale as many others, whereas one star means it sucks harder than a Hoover Vacuum, to 5 stars which tell the reader that it’s cool to spend their hard earned cash towards the purchase of the item, Uncle G rates Burnt Belief – Emergent … 5 stars! Without hesitation! Here’s why. It’s solid in its sound and presentation. Holds my attention from start to finish. Begs repeat plays. Some tracks can be haunting, while others you can smile and hum along. The players are fabulous! The band is solid! All original music. Eight tracks total. Play this at a party and you’ll certain to be a hit with all your friends.

Official Burnt Belief Promotional Video (from Emergent) … Ghosts Aquatic

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