Phil Collins Cancels UK Gigs

8 June 2017 Music News

Former Genesis star Phil Collins has had to cancel several of his UK tour dates after he had a bad fall late last night.

The incident occurred mere  hours after his show at the Royal albert Hall on Wednesday.  The 66-year-old tripped during the night, fell and hit his head on a chair. He has since been treated for a serious cut close to the eye. He received stitches and has been kept under 24 hour observation.

The singer suffers from ‘drop foot’, a condition that makes it difficult for him to walk. This is a result of a back operation Phil had previously.

A number of gigs schedules for his comeback tour have been postponed, with today’s and Friday’s gig being postponed until November. The gigs at the Royal Albert Hall are now to be held on the 26th and 27th November.

He is said to be recovering well and he apologises for the postponements. Phil has reportedly been enjoying his first week of gigging in a decade and is expected to continue the tour in Cologne,  Germany on Sunday.

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