Rossington: Take It On Faith

15 December 2016 Recommends



Rossington: Take It On Faith

Gary Rossington as I am sure many Lynyrd Skynyrd fans will tell you is the guitarist and founder member of that august southern rock band. Following the horrendous plane crash in 1977 Gary Rossington laid low until he and other surviving members of Lynyrd Skynyrd formed the Rossington Collins band. The singer in the Rossington Collins band was Dale Krantz who would go on to marry Gary Rossington and take her place in the reunited Lynyrd Skynyrd as a backing vocalist.


You might think that the story ended there but no. Gary and Dale have put together a band and recorded an album and you should think why has this not happened before? Well Skynyrd are a very busy band but really with a little forward planning then more work like this could and should come forward. The album has elements of what makes Lynyrd Skynyrd great. How could it not? There is something a little different going on here and I must say much as I love Gary Rossington’s laying throughout that difference is Dale Rossington. Gee, this girl can really sing and given the strength of the material here it really does highlight and showcase Dale’s great voice and believe me this woman will have you on your knees praying for mercy. Such an incredible voice and one that really should be up front more often

Favourite tracks? Well the whole album is chock full, of them and for me it is hard to pick just two or three that might make you check the album out but album opener Highway of Love is as good a place to start and also check out Good Side of Good which was co-written by ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons who also plays alongside on the song and then  Dance While You’re Cookin’ which also features vocalist Bekka Bramlett kicking up a storm with Dale on vocals. It isn’t just about the guests though on this album No sir, the whole album will surprise and delight in equal measure.

So, an album from two members of Lynyrd Skynyrd which will certainly appeal to fans of that band but really Rossington are no one trick pony. This album should actually be taken on Faith and when you do praise the lord because The Good Lord and Rossington really do deliver on Take It On Faith which at the end of the day is a rather fine album from two rather fine musicians


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