America: Classic Album Collection The Capitol Years Released

4 July 2019 Music News Recommends

America: Classic Album Collection
The Capitol Years


Having broken through in the early seventies with their debut self-titled album and a massive hit singles Horse With No Name, America established themselves as a smooth classic rock outfit with successful albums and hit singles. The band were signed to Warner brothers for most of the seventies and were also produced for most of this period by George Martin. By 1977however, founder member Dan Peek had left the band and left the two remaining founder members Dewey Bunnell and Gerry Beckley to continue as a duo.

Following their departure from Warner Brothers, the duo decided to sign to Capitol Records in 1979, they also took the decision to move on from producer George Martin. The first two albums from the band on Capitol, Silent Letter and Alibi were not as successful as the band’s previous albums for Warners despite containing some fine material. In 1982 however, the band released their third album f0or the label, View From The Ground which also included the massive hit single You Can Do Magic. This enabled the band to continue with the success under their belt and raise their profile once more. The band still led by Bunnell and Beckley continue to this day and tour regularly.
The albums contained in this boxed set cover the years 1979 and 1985 and include the album America In Concert.

The live album, In Concert, of course as well as including material from the Capitol era include many hits and well-known songs from the Classic seventies period when the band were a huge draw, including A Horse With No Name,  Daisy Jane, Ventura Highway, Tin Man and I Need You. The box also contains a booklet which outlines the history of the band and the albums contained in the box  all of which are excellent examples of the West Coast sound popular in the seventies and in the case of the live album an almost Greatest hits package