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Atlanta Rhthym Section: The Polydor Years Boxed Set Released

4 July 2019 Recommends

Atlanta Rhythm Section:

 The Polydor Years Boxed Set

Atlanta Rhythm Section are quite often considered part of the Southern Rock movement that covered many bands from the Southern states of America. However, despite the band hailing from Doraville in Georgia not far from Atlanta (Hence the name), the band were a little more sophisticated than many of the bands from the genre. There was a definite smooth edge to the band and for many, that was never a problem. The band also composed some incredible songs although the bands first three albums were slow to have an impact despite the fact that they enjoyed a top forty his Doraville from the album Third Annual Pipe dream.

When the band did hit, however, they hit big. The band’s profile was significantly raised by extensive touring and by the time of the Atlanta Rhythm Section’ s sixth album, A Rock and Roll Alternative that following translated into album sales and this was also helped by the hit single drawn from that album, So Into You. So Into You became the band’s biggest hit single and paved the way for more acceptance of the band and just over twelve months later the next album Champagne Jam included another hit single with Imaginary Lover. This burst of success stretched to the next album Underdog, released in 1979 and included another hit, this time a re-recording of a connected song Spooky, a hit for Classics IV which included Atlanta Rhythm Section’s guitarist JR Cobb as a member.

Whilst commercially this period at the end of the seventies and early eighties was the bands most commercially successful period, the band continued into the eighties releasing albums and touring regularly. The band does indeed continue to this day with founder member and keyboard player Dean Daughtry.

This boxed set contains all the band’s album s recorded for and released by Polydor records and contains all the hit singles. Despite the fact that the band never toured the UK frequently and their biggest UK show was at Knebworth in 1978 on the same bill as headliners Genesis, The Atlanta Rhythm Section  due have a small but dedicated following in the UK and this boxed set affords the fan access to an important period in the bands career and may well interest others who enjoy smooth classic rock music