Kingdom Come: Classic Album Collection Released

4 July 2019 Recommends

Kingdom Come: Classic Album Collection

In early 1988 radio stations and key media personnel received a white label album, without information or track listing. Once heard, virtually everyone had the same idea; “This sounds like Led Zeppelin”. Of course, it wasn’t a reformed Led Zeppelin at all but a new band and their debut album, the self-titled Kingdome Come album.
Whilst singer and leading light of the band went along with the promotional aspect of the album it is fair to say that not only did, he have the voice but also the songwriting capability and personality to front this band.

Even now, over thirty years on the debut album from Kingdome Come is a superb rock album and the Zeppelin comparisons aside, the album has stood the test of time. For around 12 months Kingdome Come toured the album and convinced audiences that they could pull it off in their own right The songs are all uniformly excellent and the album found its way into many homes that year and sold enough copies to achieve Gold status in America. Songs like Get It On, Living Out Of Touch, What Love Can Be, 17, and The Shuffle still sound as good as they did in `1988.

The story didn’t stop there however, the band continued and recorded a follow up which is always the test of longevity. In Your Face appeared just 12 months later and whilst perhaps not having the impact of the debut album was still filled with well written and performed rock songs. By this time many had become familiar with Lenny Wolf’s voice and the Plant comparisons while still heard are actually pushed aside as Lenny starts to make his own way as a front man. Songs including Do You Like It, Who Do You Love and Stargazer (Not the Rainbow song of the same name all prove that in terms of songwriting ability the band had what it took.

The final album in this collection was originally released in 1991 was a completely different band with only vocalist Lenny Wolf remaining from the original line up of the band. The material was good overall and songs including Should I, I’ve Been Trying, and Hands Of Time all sound good and stand the test of time. Sadly, like many bands from the era, the grunge movement out of Seattle buried all but the biggest names who either succumbed or took an extended break to ride out the storm.

Far from being Zeppelin clones as many might suggest Kingdome Come still continue as a band and are still led by vocalist Lenny Wolf. This boxed set, however, does really represent the best of the band